Retreading Plant


The Valley Tire Retreading Plant

We specialize in making retread truck tires that cost less and often last longer than new tires. That’s because we adhere to the stringent processes and high standards of the Michelin Retread Tire (MRT) program.

The Valley Tire Michelin Tire Retreading plant in Charleroi, Pennsylvania is the largest pre-mold capacity facility in the nation. It’s also the only plant with four chambers and one of only two facilities in the MRT network with three builders.

The Benefits of Retread Tires

Whether you own a single truck or an entire fleet, there are many solid reasons to choose retreads. For instance, Michelin low rolling resistance retreads cut fleet operating costs by prolonging tire service life and reducing fuel consumption. Learn more here.

Check out this list of other benefits from the Tire Retread & Repair Information Bureau.

  • Retreads are safe. They’re used every day on all sorts of vehicles, from airplanes and ambulances, to taxis and trucks. You’ll also find retreads on school buses and military vehicles.
  • Retreads are environmentally responsible. By re-using existing tires, retread manufacturers save landfill space. They also prevent new carbon emissions from being released and save hundreds of millions of gallons of oil needed to produce new tires.
  • Retreads save money. Federal, state and local governments that use retreads on their vehicles save $3 billion dollars in tire purchases each year. That money can be saved or applied toward other needs.
  • Retreads don’t create rubber on the road. Studies show that it’s not the retread process that leads to large chunks of rubber on the highway. It’s tire failure caused by overloading, underinflation, road hazards and other abuses to both new tires and retreads.

"Can’t say enough about the quality of the retreads Valley Tire produces. They are top notch, second to none. And with Michelin standing behind them, I know I get a great product and great service." - Lane and Kipple