Michelin Retreading


Michelin Retreading: The Best Way to Re-tire

Valley Tire can change the way your fleet moves. As an official Michelin Retreader, we use state-of-the-art equipment, processes and materials to produce some of the best retreads on the road. They’re Michelin retreads that will keep your trucks rolling reliably for many miles to come and save you money in the process.

Retreads represent about half the tires on the road. That’s why it’s so important that Michelin and the team at the Valley Tire Michelin Tire Retreading Plant are always working to advance the environmental benefits of retreads. In October of 2012, Michelin announced that three Michelin retreads had been added to the SmartWay verified technologies list, and that four more models are in the process of receiving verification. Learn more here.

Why Michelin Retreads Are Better

Our process includes many steps that are specifically designed to provide a longer-lasting retread. Here’s a quick overview of the preparation process.

  • Grazing Light Inspection – First, we verify the condition of the tire casing. To ensure that the sidewall is stable, we inspect it from shoulder to bead with a grazing light technique that identifies even subtle irregularities.
  • Electronic Liner Inspection – We use powerful electronic currents to identify any penetrations in the tire’s inner liner. While this is standard at other retreading facilities as well, Michelin has modified this process to maximize its effectiveness.
  • Advanced X-Ray Inspection – If the grazing light inspection turns up any potential problems with the steel belts or cables within the tire’s casing, the x-ray inspection is used to further examine the tire. This process can show road hazard damage, run-flat abuse, zippers, and the status of previous repairs.
  • Buffing – Using an automated, computer-controlled system, we buff the tire to the proper texture in order to maximize the strength of the bond between casing and tread. This process also encourages longer treadwear.
  • Casing Integrity Analyzer – Using laser light and proprietary software, we check for any hidden separations in the casing.

We know that your safety and livelihood are riding on every tire. That’s why the pros at Valley Tire are committed to producing retread truck tires of the highest quality. Call us for more details.